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    Welcome to the Helper Application FAQ and Requirement thread! Here you can find the correct requirements for applying and the answer to any questions you may have. If you are eager to help the community and would like to apply for a position on our team please read this thread.

    The Staff Team helps ensure that all rules are being followed on the network and do the best to make sure that all players are safe and having fun on the network. Staff Members also deal with many projects on the server, including testing new gamemodes and features that normal players do not have access to.

    Here are the MUST requirements which are needed when applying for the helper position:

    • You must be of age 14 or older.
    • You must have made a purchase on the server store.
    • The ability to record in at least 720p+ and is a must (Preferably 30 FPS+.)
    • You must not be currently staff on another minecraft server or network.
    • You must have a gmail address / google account.
    • At least a post count of 50 or more.
    • Don't ever ask staff to view or even tell them you have made an application it's a instant deny.
    • If you've been demoted or have retired you must wait a period of 1 month before re-applying.
    You must meet all of these requirements, if not it will result in an instant denial.

    Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ), if your question is not listed below feel free to PM an Administrator.

    When will I get a response to my application?

    Applications will be responded to by a member of the administration teams within 10 days of you submitting your applications so be patient! Please refrain from bringing up your application anywhere on the server, mentioning your application to a staff member will make it instantly denied.

    Can I apply for Moderator or Admin?

    No, you cannot. You can only apply for helper however, you can then work your way up to moderator with good determination, effort and dedication. You cannot become a part of the administration team unless invited.

    If I am under the age limit, can I still apply?

    No, we do not make any exceptions to the requirements which are listed above, if you do not meet just one of the requirements it will result in denial.

    What will happen if I get accepted?

    Once your application is accepted you will move onto the next stage, this results in an interview with at least one member of the administration team. You application will be replied to with more details about these next stages.

    Where can I ask about the denial of my application?

    If you have any questions regarding the denial of your application PM the administrator which replied to your application and they will be able to explain why if it was not previously clear.

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