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Halloween Build Competition Submissions

It's that time of year, where the smell of scare and candy is in the air! With Halloween just around the corner, what's not better to get ready for the scariest night of the year than visiting a Haunted House or even a Spooky Plot? Let us know what you guy's have been working on for the past few weeks for the Halloween Build Competition!

Back in our October Newsletter, we announced the Halloween Build Competition, which was a competition to who could build the scariest, spooky, Halloween theme'd plot creation! As many of you know, there has been quite some architects lurking around the valleys of the Creative Realm, and many of them have been busy with creating some of the coolest creations I have seen!

As we are approaching the end of the Build Competition, which is October 30th, we are ready for everyone to start turning on their Halloween lights, opening their haunted house doors, and leaving out some candy for visitors, as they submit their creations in this thread for a chance to win some treats! With that being said, here is the format for submitting your build:

IGN: (Username of the Plot Owner / Submitter)

Build Creation Description: (As small description / lore about the history and ideas behind your plot)

Screenshots: (Minimum of One Screenshot of your creation)

Feel free to add some design and story about your plot! Also make sure that you are using the username of the Plot Owner as player's will be able to /plot home (name) to visit your plot!

We will be voting on the Top 3 Plot Creations and the winners will be receiving a special treat!​
Halloween Costume Contest
It's that time of year, where the smell of scare and candy is in the air! With Halloween just around the corner, what's not better to get ready for the scariest night of the year than getting your costume ready! Step up your scare game by dressing up in your own frightest, scariest, funniest, or randomness halloween costume!

To celebrate the season of Halloween, we will be hosting a Halloween Costume Contest! Players will be able to submit their costume creation and the community will be able to vote for their favorites! Of course, there will be some sweet prizes for the most top voted skins! To enter the contest, we have a few rules that you must follow:

✫ Your costume skin must be original, we don't want downloaded skins or any skins that are not yours. If you want to, you are allowed to edit a published skin by "halloweenifying" it with your own effects, but you must include a link to the original skin / a before picture before you modify the skin.
✫ You cannot use any skins from other players on the server and already submitted skins.
✫ You must include your IGN, a picture of your skin on the stage at /warp skincontest, and a description of what your costume is.
✫ All users have a limit of 1 Entry and all skins must be appropriate and follow the server rules.

The Top 3 Voted Skins will receive a prize for the contest. The prizes are listed below:
✫ First Place: 1st Place Halloween Skin Contest Trophy and 3 Master Keys.
✫ Second Place: 2nd Place Halloween Skin Contest Trophy and 2 Master Keys.
✫ Third Place: 3rd Place Halloween Skin Contest Trophy and 1 Master Key.

Runner-ups of the most voted...​

The season of Halloween has arrived to Shaded! With the fresh smell of candy and scare in the air, Shaded has been spookified with our Halloween Hub, Skyblock Spawn, Events, and much more!

Explore the shadows of the undead, as you wander through the spooky, haunted, Halloween Hub! Discover some dark secrets of Shaded’s untold tales, as well as finding a sweet reward, for those who find the treat and not the trick, that is. (Special thanks to @Yamipanda for the amazing help on this hub!)

We've also added a few Halloween Cosmetics to the shop for a limited time! Show off your scare with the Limited Edition "The Reaper" Title, as well as the Halloween Scare Package, which includes a Skeleton Horse Pet, "Sp00ky" Title, and 5 Master Key!

Later this month, we will be doing some awesome Halloween Events to celebrate the season even more with some amazing prizes and loot that you won't be able to find elsewhere! Make sure you keep an eye on our forums for more information.

Halloween is my favorite season of the year, let me know what you guys are doing to celebrate! For me, I will be showing my scare by dressing up as a zombie tiger!