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The season of Halloween has arrived to Shaded! With the fresh smell of candy and scare in the air, Shaded has been spookified with our Halloween Hub, Skyblock Spawn, Events, and much more!

Explore the shadows of the undead, as you wander through the spooky, haunted, Halloween Hub! Discover some dark secrets of Shaded’s untold tales, as well as finding a sweet reward, for those who find the treat and not the trick, that is. (Special thanks to @Yamipanda for the amazing help on this hub!)

We've also added a few Halloween Cosmetics to the shop for a limited time! Show off your scare with the Limited Edition "The Reaper" Title, as well as the Halloween Scare Package, which includes a Skeleton Horse Pet, "Sp00ky" Title, and 5 Master Key!

Later this month, we will be doing some awesome Halloween Events to celebrate the season even more with some amazing prizes and loot that you won't be able to find elsewhere! Make sure you keep an eye on our forums for more information.

Halloween is my favorite season of the year, let me know what you guys are doing to celebrate! For me, I will be showing my scare by dressing up as a zombie tiger!

TNT Run Event
Do you like explosions and running? How about being placed in an arena with others and running around as the floor below you is crumbling?? Welcome to the first TNT Run Event!

TNT Run is a classic gamemode where you run around, setting off TNT below you, and EXPLOSIONS! The goal of the game is to try and stay on the top layer and not fall down. The last player in the arena wins!

During this event, we have disabled the use of flying in the Event Arena. Anyone caught flying or attempting to fly, spectating or playing, will be disqualified and banished from the Event Island. In the future, all events will be hosted on the Event Server and things such as flying will not be possible.

This event will be hosted on the Skyblock Server at /warp event and will begin at 7:00PM CST. The countdown for this event can be found here: http://itsalmo.st/#shadedtntrunevent

We will be hosting 5 Rounds of TNT Run! Each round, 1st Place will receive 3 ✫✫✫, 2nd Place will receive 2 ✫✫, and 3rd Place will receive 1 ✫. At the end of all of the rounds, we will count up who has the most stars and award the winners to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place.

1st Place - NavyBean228
2nd Place - LazyCombos
3rd Place - MrKittyKawaii
Hello all,
The time for the monthly newsletter has come! Hope all is well with everyone during the upcoming seasons.

September: Top Voters
First off, thank you to those who show your true dedication to the server, and help us climb up the vote lists each month! Congratulations to the following top 5 voters of September!
  1. DatShoxxRocks - 166 Votes ($35 Coupon)
  2. MorgieBunny - 156 Votes ($25 Coupon)
  3. KidCraftKiller - 156 Votes ($15 Coupon)
  4. Steviegw2001 - 147 Votes ($10 Coupon)
  5. ConKen00 - 144 Votes ($5 Coupon)
Fellow top voters please send me a message at @ediTv2 !

October: Staff Changes
With the recent changes regarding how we work as a staff team. We’ve been able to welcome new members to the team, as well as see a few part their ways.

Congratulations to the new members as well as promoted members!

Server Events
That’s right! They’re coming back!!! With the upcoming halloween holiday we’re brainstorming a few event ideas for you guys and we’ll let you know the official information a week or so prior to the occuring date!

Aside from halloween itself, ideas are in the works for bi-weekly events to offer up some new content for you guys to participate in, in the near future!

Spooky Build Competition
Since we’ve recently deployed various updates to creative we can now host our usual build events as we can now provide the appropriate tools for everyone!

The theme behind...