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Hello all,

Apart of being away at Minecon, we've been slacking in the update department! However, there's still work to be done and you can expect to see various improvements/fixes/etc over the next few weeks rolling up to November.

Creative Improvements
  • 1.10 Implementation! You'll now be able to use all new blocks from 1.9 - 1.10. If you continue to run 1.8 you're still able to join, but the features will not be visible to you.
  • Marriage changes, various additional features and fixed minor bugs,
  • Initial donator perks have been added. (Store Link)
  • Updated Scoreboard w/ more relevant information.
  • WorldEdit Voting will be added this weekend if testing goes well. (Cheers to @GoToFinal)
  • Pets! Most mobs across 1.8 - 1.10 are supported. (Including Polarbears!) If you're on 1.8, mobs from higher versions will display as a 1.8 alternative.
  • User Titles! We've introduced various user title submissions that you can view on our store! Congrats to those who's ideas were implemented!
These improvements aim to add more tools to your belt, and we plan to add various improvements down the road. Once various fixes across the network are patched, we will focus on running community events, and restoring our build competitions now that we support a Creative gamemode!

Andre / ediT
Shaded Staff Program
After a few weeks of planning, redesigning, and remaking, we have revamped our whole entire Staff Program! In case you don't know what our Staff Program is, it deals with rules, regulations, punishments, and the core of the staff team. With this new revamp of our program, you can expect quite some changes both in front and behind the scenes regarding our staff.

With this new revamp, quite some things have been changed... so to keep everything all in one place and to keep you guys updated, we have created a list of everything that has changed!
  • Helper Application Format: The format for Helper Applications have been updated, we have adjusted the questions to fill the application smoother.
  • Helper Application Requirements: Requirements for applying for staff have been changed, feel free to double-check if you qualify!
  • Staff Application Process: Previously, players were able to see and comment on other user's applications and would be able to give feedback. Now, all applications are seen by only current staff members and will be processed through stages, allowing us to handle applications more efficiently.
  • Behind the Scenes: While we can't give information on what has also changed within the staff team itself, there has been numerous twists and turns on how we do things on the team now. Over the past two weeks, you may have already noticed some of these changes, such as rules and punishments.

What is the Staff Team?

Now you may ask yourself, what does a staff member actually do? Well, you came to the right place adventurer! Staff Members on Shaded help us fight against the evil dragons and goblins which live out in the mysterious wilderness, in a place far, far, aw...

Not really, but they still do help us protect the server! And while that may not be from small monsters, it is still from naughty players...
New Community Manager
Greetings everyone! My name is Eric, and I am the new Community Manager for Shaded! I was contacted by ediTv2 (Andre) a few days ago, inviting me onto the project to take on the role as manager. I will be helping him and the team with some of the upcoming updates and changes we have planned for the server, as well as tons of interaction with the community, such as making the announcements, creating amazing events, leading the awesome staff team, and much more!

For some information about me, I am 16 and have started my Junior Year in Highschool. My favorite animal (as most of you probably have already assumed) is a Tiger, and my favorite color is blue.

As for my background history, I have been a Community Manager for numerous Minecraft Networks, and will be serving here as a leader in this community. I will be interacting with you guys, the amazing players of Shaded, and will be taking your guy's inputs for the upcoming updates. My main focus here will be on making sure everyone here is happy and having a great time, as I am super excited for the adventure ahead of us!

Upcoming Changes
Over the next few weeks, many changes and updates will be coming to Shaded, including an overhaul on the Shaded Rules and Regulations, a revamp on the staff program, and a general smoothening on some of the current ingame features (as well as getting rid of some minor bugs ;)).

Fan's of creative will love what we have planned within the next few days. #HYPE

I am super excited for the content and updates we have planned for you guys as this journey is going to be one heck of an adventure!